Experimental industrial and laboratory tests
The company is now "Korsystem" performs tests on Research corrosion coatings, materials and corrosion inhibitors used in the oil refining and oil production. Tests are conducted in accordance with regulatory and procedural requirements in force in the Russian Federation.

For corrosion effects on the process equipment during testing company "Korsystem" the following activities:
  • Determination of physical and chemical structure of the working environment;
  • Testing corrosion wear mateialov gravimetric method;
  • Determination of the protective properties of corrosion inhibitors;
  •     Determination of the solubility of corrosion inhibitors;
  • Product testing for bactericidal activity;
  • Determine the effectiveness of SRB;
  • Conducting pilot tests of corrosion inhibitors.
Scientific and technical developments in the field of industrial safety and protect equipment from corrosion: