Corrosion monitoring equipment

"Korsystem" company is a leader in the Russian Federation in the development and implementation of automated systems, corrosion monitoring and corrosion protection technologies for real-time oil and gas facilities and oil and gas.
Why it's important
Solution to the problems of industrial safety in modern production involves through study of methods and tools for analysis, design, development, and technology management integrity of the process equipment. At present the most relevant solutions related to efficiency, timeliness and accuracy of management issues for corrosion protection of process equipment at hazardous production facilities for oil and gas processing, and the introduction of high technology will allow real-time tasks effectively solve the environmental and industrial safety.
In connection with the implementation of energy efficiency law (Federal Law ¹ 111730-5 «On energy saving and energy efficiency") implementation of real-time corrosion protection will improve compliance with the law on the protection of the environment, while reducing investment, operating costs and minimizing the possible penalties sanctions.
We have the solution!
"Korsystem" company has a comprehensive approach to its activities, including work on the development of project documentation, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, training and subsequent service support copyright.

Developed and applied technologies used by "Korsystem", can increase technological efficiency and environmental safety at the facilities of our customers.

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Ñorrosion monitoring systems of real time