1. Company "Korsystem" completed pilot bench testing and is open for bench test set LSIU-1 for customers zatnterisovannyh to study corrosion processes and corrosion resistance of materials in fluid dynamics, with different concentrations of CO2, H2S, O2 and salts.
  LSIU-1 allows testing of corrosion processes and corrosion resistance of materials in real-time in water emulsion and aqueous media.
Bench test set is designed to research institutions and energy companies (combined heat and power, mining and processing of oil and gas), engaged in the study of problems of metal corrosion effects and efficacy of inhibitors used in the implementation of anti-corrosion measures.
2. Company "Korsystem" partnered with manufacturers to supply equipment for corrosion monitoring Rosssiyskuyu Federation and the CIS countries:
Korrozimetr NanoCorrTM for multi-electrode probes. Analyzers and probes for electrochemical corrosion research firm Corr Instruments, LLC (USA), working in real time
Corrosion sensors CorrTran ™ MV from Pepperl Fuchsdlya corrosion monitoring in real time
Metal for corrosion monitoring: Input Devices, Cupon, Samples, injectors, accessories box.
     Equipment above mentioned companies favorably equipment Rohrback Cosasco Systems, that allows you to measure Simultaneity as general corrosion, as well as local. In addition, such equipment by Corr Instruments, LLC (U.S.) technology CMAS NanoCorrTM has higher speed and sensitivity compared to technology  Microcor®  Rohrback Cosasco Systems .
Technical equipment is extremely high, and allow you to apply control sensors (corrosion rate, pH, pressure) as objects of oil and gas production and processing, and in nuclear power stations and thermal power plants.
Corrosion sensors technology CMAS NanoCorrTM allows their use in environments containing hydrogen sulfide. That many controls are not podsilu.
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