1. We achieve the maximum efficiency of the planned results of application of its technology, human, material and financial resources.
    In this case, we are committed to continually improving the profitability of our organization by reducing costs through the introduction of new methods of work organization and new technologies.
2. We are ready for change and strive to improve the quality management system.
      We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our development, reducing waste and saving energy.
3. We increase research intensity and build intelligent supplying our products.
    This means we aim to make the most of their intellectual abilities, to ensure that our products meet the highest world standards.
    We - a progressive organization, located at the peak of scientific and technical progress.

4. We strive to improve the quality by providing continuous professional growth of each employee using advanced technologies and personal commitment and responsibility.
  5. When performing each type of work we pay attention to the environmental aspects of its activities, and environmental aspects of the organization of counterparties.
    We care about the environment and environmental protection.

General manager
Anatoly Monakhov
Quality declaration